Wednesday, January 7, 2009

First Official Post

Hiya peeps! (All two or three of you)...The bloggy-blog is up and running! I fed my addiction of all things digital design by learning how to personalize a blogger template...wish I new CSS! One thing at a time though, there aren't enough hours in the day! I hope to be able to update this frequently, but if you really love me (and why wouldn't you) I am on twitter, "mtphotochick". This blog is currently focusing more on my photography, but I hope to add a section dedicated to graphic design here in the near future..and, one day, when I get my big girl panties (and more $$$), I will launch my own "show it" website. Some of you will know what that is, some, not so much. Anywho, I need to peel myself away from my lifeline to the world, write some thank you cards, eat a snack, and maybe, just maybe try to go to bed before midnight, HA! Wish me luck on that one!

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